Kiteboarders, kitesurfers,looking to be informed about the Connecticut kiting  scene
by going to the local  group kite forum!

You'll find lots of  useful information; launches; cool pictures; smart tips that could save your life and much more. You'll also find a file regarding Ct. kitesurfing rules.These are rules to live by.
If you are a local kiter, you've probably contributed to them either by you infinite wisdom or thru some lapse of thought that almost made you an honorable mention for a Darwin Award!
If your  a visiting  kiteboarder, try to remember that we treasure our launches. We expect all to help us preserve our spots by respecting them and all who would use them in the future.
the KITEPOLICE are watching........
For lots of wind sports related info, checkout..

there are lots of wind forecasting sites available.
some of our favorites are:

Cool kitesurfing websites:

If you have a few favorites, pass them on to us as there are so many!