PHIL BURKE           
               owner/ instructor

Phil Has been flying kites  since 1997.   He's Both PASA and IKO certified...

I learned  the  HARD WAY. It was painful! I learned all the wrong things not to do....... Fortunately without serious injury(only dislocations, minor abrasions and contusions)
I  started on buggies and first moved to skis on the frozen lakes. After it would snow, it was incredible!  Speeding across the freshly fallen snow with just the sound of the lines whistling in the wind.

Phil is a certified  and insured KITEBOARDING INSTRUCTOR by PASA & IKO .

Phil is proud to have been named a TEAM RIDER for EPIC KITES

CONTACT  AT    or  203 947 0092  to schedule your lesson or register for one of our clinics.




Paul Porter demonstrating a classy surf dismount. Paul is a a returning pro kiter/instructor/photographer. Paul is a team rider for BEST KITEBOARDING. CLick his picure here and se him in action!

He has taught hundreds of people and is well known in the Seattle(where he lives on a boat) amd Hawaii! Paul can make you do things you never thought you could........

SHANNON GROMLEY   Guest Instructor

kiting for just over 7 years, SHANNON GROMLEY  has been a certified IKO instructor for 5 of those years.  She rides for Slingshot, Baja Joe's, and Transcend.  A few of the competitions that she has won include the Bridge of the Gods Kiteboarding Festival in 2007, the Windfest Event at Nitinat Lake in 2007, 2009, and 2011, the Gorge Games in 2008, and the Lords of the Wind Showdown in 2011.  In addition to that,  she regularly teaches for Elevation Kiteboarding in La Ventana, Baja Mexico.  At Elevation Kiteboarding she does 4 ladies camp in one season . Shannon specializes in teaching women of all stages.
"When I'm not kiteboarding I fire dance, scuba dive, skateboard, and play with my 2 dogs".

 WILSON- Guest instructor

Sarah is a regular at La Ventana and Baja Joe's . She spends much of her time in the GORGE but is anxious to hit the waters of OBX.

She can be found getting multiple sessions. She has taught several KITING FOR GIRLS clinics with great success

She will bring her guitar but will sadly miss her dogs.


Kris has been kiting about 3 years. She always has a smile and is not afraid of the cold New England water. She can frequently be found in the Great South Bay or the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Somehow, she seems to log a lot of hours on the water

Helena and Fernando Dulce reside on the beautiful island of Aruba. They run Xtreme winds kiteboarding, an IKO School. This is a nice place to have a boat for rescue in some of the special spots!!!

If you're going to kite in Aruba, contacting them is a must. With a chase boat and local island knowledge they'll make your visit enjoyable and safe!

Joe Ruscito is a Pro Kiteboarder for BEST KITEBOARDING. Joe learned to kite in South Western Ct.  We're proud to know Joe. He's a super positive influence and always has a smile on his face. He has been a guest instructor for several years for KITEWISE. Your stoke is his stoke!

 He's well known as Go Pro Joe or Polllyanna wherever there's wind.

If this eight year old can do this, think of what you could do....

Cameron Maramenides does what his father does....